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5F-ABICA POWDER is a synthetic cannabinoid featuring an aminoalkylindazole base. 5-fluoro ABICA is a homolog of 5-fluoro AB-PINACA that differs by having an indole group in place of the indazole group. The physiological and toxicological properties of this compound are not known. This product is intended for forensic and research applications.

Active substances in 5F-ABICA

Contains one gram of min 98%+ pure 5F-ABICA per order unit.

Dosage of 5F-ABICA

There is no recomended dose since 5F-ABICA is not for human consumption but is sold only as a research chemical for research purpose.

Effects of 5F-ABICA :

The clinical effects of most new designer drugs like 5F-ABICA can be described as either hallucinogenic, stimulant, or opioid-like. They may also have a combination of these effects due to designer side-chain substitutions.

Side effects of 5F-ABICA

Like other designer drugs the use of 5F-ABICA can cause strong side effects; the substance is not clinically tested nor licensed in any way as a product for consumption! Therefore 5F-ABICA is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION but for SCIENTIFICAL RESEARCH ONLY!

How to store 5F-ABICA

Keep 5F-ABICA below 30 degrees Celsius. Store 5F-ABICA in the original package, protect from direct sunlight and moisture.

Designer Drugs 2016 is the most comprehensive mass spectra collection of designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemical warfare agents and related substances. The Designer Drugs Online database (DD2016) covers the entire range of known designer drugs and related substances up to December 2015.

ABICA (5-fluoro)
5-Fluoro ABICA

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